• ekologic shoptoshop
    eko-logic® Shop to Shop è la linea di cestini, carrelli e trolley realizzata in KEOREX®, materiale ottenuto dal riciclo della plastica PET delle bottiglie
  • lesediedeltorchio
    barrique inutilizzate recuperate le cui doghe diventano la base di una linea di oggetti: sedie, tavoli, sgabelli e poltrone, cofanetti porta-vino...
  • Modulo in Swahili
    Modulo in Swahili è una comoda poltrona facilmente trasformabile in chaise-longue (e viceversa), eventualmente rivestibile in tessuto
  • cartona
    Il cartone riciclato è una materia prima di qualità, ideale per produrre, attraverso un processo industriale o artigianale oggetti di design e di comunicazione dalle forme piacevoli e a basso impatto ambientale.
  • keobox
    KeoBox è una borsa comoda e robusta che può trasportare fino a 12 chili di peso. É prodotta industrialmente a partire da cartone riciclato
  • keohabitat
    KeoHabitat® è un innovativo servizio di consulenza e ingegnerizzazione tecnologica per l'edilizia, in grado di coniugare qualità, benessere, risparmio e sicurezza
  • mrpet
    MrPET è l'innovativo sistema di reverse vending che premia l’impegno dei cittadini nel processo di raccolta differenziata
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LESEDIEDELTORCHIO is the brand name uniting prestigious projects which enhance the precious wood of the barriques through skilful craftsmanship. The unused barrels are recovered from wine producers and the staves become the main part of a line of refined and elegant objects (chairs, stools, armchairs, tables and coffee tables, wine carrier boxes; clothes hanger mannequins) which maintain the original label of the wine once contained in the barrique.

The project by architect and designer Marco Torchio is based on the idea of recovery, considered as both the respect of the history of an object and the will to give it a new life after it has become waste. The barrique pieces, being beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly, foster conviviality and conscious pleasure and target a select audience, able to embrace the physical and ethical charm of the hand crafted process of enhancement.

The capital of barrique eliminated by each wine producer every year is transformed in a tool for the environmental communication and the wine label becomes an integral part of the object, the economic engine of a new chain whose reference values are the rediscovery of the roots and the pursuit of beauty.



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Each piece, made according to ergonomics principles, is unique and characterized by original and essential lines. The working method includes a handmade assembly without altering the raw material, which is respected and transformed to perform a new function. Therefore the wine stains, the wood aromas and all the history that the material brings with it remain. The project uses and enhances the shapes and marks left by the people who built and used the barrel.

The assembly of the staves originates from the pursuit of beauty mixed with the desire to create a functional item; the shapes are harmonized respecting the lines of the materials, which retain the original colour. Due to its absorbent nature the barrique oak wood maintains the marks and becomes history; in the concave part the dye created by wine emerges with red and purple shades, which vary depending on the type of grape; the outer convex part preserves the marks of circles and nails. The wood is combined with the steel structure in the anthracite colour.

The padded parts and the seats in leather or fabric soften the rough and angular structure. The KEOVELVET velvet in recycled PET preserves the high aesthetic qualities of common velvets. It is smooth, pleasant to touch and considerably robust, and keeps its beauty even after intense daily use.


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