• keobox
    KeoBox è una borsa comoda e robusta che può trasportare fino a 12 chili di peso. É prodotta industrialmente a partire da cartone riciclato
  • lesediedeltorchio
    barrique inutilizzate recuperate le cui doghe diventano la base di una linea di oggetti: sedie, tavoli, sgabelli e poltrone, cofanetti porta-vino...
  • mrpet
    MrPET è l'innovativo sistema di reverse vending che premia l’impegno dei cittadini nel processo di raccolta differenziata
  • ekologic shoptoshop
    eko-logic® Shop to Shop è la linea di cestini, carrelli e trolley realizzata in KEOREX®, materiale ottenuto dal riciclo della plastica PET delle bottiglie
  • keohabitat
    KeoHabitat® è un innovativo servizio di consulenza e ingegnerizzazione tecnologica per l'edilizia, in grado di coniugare qualità, benessere, risparmio e sicurezza
  • Modulo in Swahili
    Modulo in Swahili è una comoda poltrona facilmente trasformabile in chaise-longue (e viceversa), eventualmente rivestibile in tessuto
  • cartona
    Il cartone riciclato è una materia prima di qualità, ideale per produrre, attraverso un processo industriale o artigianale oggetti di design e di comunicazione dalle forme piacevoli e a basso impatto ambientale.
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PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is a plastic material derived from oil; it is used for the production of fabrics (clothing, upholstery) and containers for liquids (bottles for beverages, detergents and shampoos); it is a material difficult to replace because of its high temperature performances, self-extinguishing properties, moulding speed, chemical resistance and electrical characteristics; moreover, it is infinitely recyclable, which means that from PET it is possible to obtain other PET, saving the consumption of crude oil and stopping the corresponding emission of equivalent CO2.

The customers have turned to Keo to design an economically viable chain of recovery and transformation of PET containers. Every day millions of bottles come out of supermarkets; bottles that, once emptied, completely lose their usefulness, becoming a waste to dispose of and, therefore, an environmental problem. Yet PET is a valuable packaging, which contributes to define the price of the drink. Keo, exploiting the high ecological potential of PET, managed to design a chain which recognises the value of the raw material contained in the bottle to citizens, who become the conscious protagonists of a new ethical economy.

The chain of Keo consists of various eco-solutions.

MrPET (www.mrpet-recycling.com) is an innovative system which rewards the citizens' commitment in the collection process, recognising the consumer - provided with magnetic card - a fidelity point for each bottle taken to the MrPET station. MrPET stations are currently at several supermarkets in Italy and France, and dozens of thousands of citizens already take advantage of the MrPET card.

KEOREX® is a material deriving 100% from recovered post-consumer chopped PET; it is a quality plastic material, highly performing both from a mechanical and physical point of view, infinitely recyclable and as transparent as virgin PET. Being a more sustainable alternative to traditional materials in many business sectors, several companies have already chosen KEOREX®. KEOREX® based products are for example: equipment for the large- and small-scale retail trade such as shopping trolleys and baskets, stationery items, housewares, yarns for fabrics, etcetera. KEOREX® successfully responds to the defy of the rational use of the (scarce) available resources, like oil, and reduces the formation of greenhouse gases. To get more detailed information about KEOREX® please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

KeoVelvet is the new velvet in KEOREX®. KeoVelvet preserves the high aesthetic qualities of common velvets. It is smooth, pleasant to touch and considerably robust. Moreover, it offers the advantage of being more resistant to wear and tear and abrasion, keeping its beauty even after intense every day use.

eko-logic® by La Sphera - Origine (www.originesarl.com) is a line of shopping tools in KEOREX®, with which thousands of points of sale all over the world are equipped today. Ecological, beautiful and functional, eko-logic® baskets and trolleys are an eco-communication tool which strengthen the trust between the point of sale and the clients, meeting the growing ethical need to live in a cleaner world. Thanks to eko-logic®, the commitment of citizens in the collection of PET containers is transformed into the shopping baskets and trolleys which equip the point of sale.

Greenlogic by Maped (www.maped.com) is a line of stationery items (rulers, pencil sharpeners) whose plastic parts are made of KEOREX®. The elegant and rounded shape of the objects is enhanced by the transparency of KEOREX®, a material whose potential in terms of synthesis between the beauty of design and the need for sustainability applies perfectly to the Greenlogic line.

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